DataArt + AWS

DataArt is a global technology consulting and software engineering firm.

We design, build, modernize, migrate and support innovative, reliable, flexible software solutions that help our customers achieve valuable business outcomes.

Together, DataArt and AWS will help you succeed in your cloud transformation.


DataArt Cloud Services


Assessment & migration planning

Migration roadmap design and planning

From quick POCs to production workloads


Cloud enablement services

Cloud migrations

Re-engineering / Application modernization

Cloud-native design and development


Cloud native software engineering

Microservices, declarative APIs

Resilient, scalable, observable applications

Containers, orchestrators, serverless compute


Cloud-native processes and practices

DevOps, CI/CD, IaC, HA/DR

Infrastructure and application security


Monitoring and logging solutions

Event tracing, advanced logging



Cloud cost optimization

Rightsizing, resource monitoring tools

Cloud-optimized design, AWS services selection


Amazon Aurora | Database

DataArt Amazon RDS Specialization

DataArt helps customers transform the way they use data by leveraging data and analytics capabilities from AWS, including RDS and other fit-for-purpose database services. We design and build modern data platforms for Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, Travel & Hospitality, and other industries.


Our Key Competencies

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we have solid experience with a broad variety of AWS services and technologies, backed by hundreds of completed projects:

All types and flavors of AWS compute, storage and networking services and resources

Data lake and data warehousing solutions with Storage Gateway, DynamoDB, Redshift, Athena, Glue, etc.

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Serverless expertise with Lambda, Step Functions, Aurora, DynamoDB, Kinesis, Athena, Fargate

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Big Data and high-performance data pipelines and platforms with EMR, Redshift, Kafka, Kinesis

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ML/AI with Rekognition, SageMaker, Textract, etc.

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Operations and security: IAM, KMS, Config, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, etc. + multiple 3rd party tools

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AWS Managed Blockchain

IoT: AWS IoT Core, IoT Greengrass, MQTT, etc.

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Containers and orchestration with Docker, Kubernetes, Fargate, ECS, EKS, etc.

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Quick Facts About DataArt

Building on AWS since 2009
3500+ engineers
95% return clients
22 years in operations
20+ global locations

Case Studies

Peter Vaihansky, SVP

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Peter Vaihansky leads DataArt's AWS Partnership team, in addition to and supporting some of DataArt's key customer accounts. He is based in New York.

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